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Investor Contacts South Africa
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Alternative Energy Investment Opportunities

Pretoria, Gauteng
CTSA (CrypTech South Africa) provides Blockchain processing, consultation & implementation services to African businesses interested in using digital currency to accept or make payments more securely. CTSA provides Blockchain technology services in South Africa, and plans to grow into other African countries over the following years. Our core business is to process cryptocurrency blockchains which make digital currencies more secure while generating revenue and provide related services such as consulting and implementation of the blockchain technology to payment services companies and other local businesses that are interested in using digital currency to accept or make payments. CTSA ...

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
LRB Computers has their importer license ready and waiting to start importing Computer and Energy Saving Technology. This is an opportunity to start a South African Alternative Energy Saving Technology Manufacture and distributor. We are looking at integrating renewable energy to all homes at affordable prices using all three natural energy sources. This will take home users off grid with electricity. LRB Computers will be running as LRB Group and will start water purification systems for home and businesses users. We are looking for an investor that will help fund and help build the company to an world renowned international distributor.

Alberton, Gauteng
We have developed an alternative energy fuel cell which will replace solar cells and will be the primary energy cell to drive a Hydrogen fuel cell. Improvement needed: state of art PPL and Photocatalyst exist and they just need to move from lab to pilot plant in order to set the base for industrialization. Sunlight-to-hydrogen chain means you can store solar energy indefinitely, potentially in huge quantities, so think of it ...

R3000 000.00 for 20% share in the SA local company. Other investment opportunities are available.

Cape Town, Western Cape
Offering: 1. A going concern dealing in Alternative, Sustainable and Green Energy systems. 2. Recently relocated to Cape Town from Port Elizabeth to restart our business from scratch. 3. Good products that have been tested and tried over the years. 4. Ongoing support/skills transfer for buyer with exit strategy. 5. A registered (Pty) Ltd. since 2011, running since 2002. 6. The company has its own import/export licence, is up to date with both CIPC and SARS. 7. Current equipment worth roughly R250 000.00 utilised in the manufacture of products. 8. A tremendous opportunity of rebuilding both National and International clientele. 9. An immediate return on investment. Am looking ...

South Africa
R25,000,000 - More than R500,000,000
I am trying to show that clean energy is competitive with coal and nuclear and, given the chance, can contribute to national energy production without the wasteful use of resources and long gridlines. Conventional alternative energy projects abound, but none have the technical and competitive advantages that my systems offer. I am able to show that direct replacement of nuclear as a fuel is feasible and viable in conventional combustion power plants and water-boiling reactors.I'm interested in retrofit projects as well new installations. Small domestic projects are not really viable from a business perspective

Johannesburg, Gauteng
INDEX 1. The OPPORTUNITY 2. The Achieved Result 3. The Proprietary Methodology 4. Project Profitability and Bankability 5. Investor Positioning 1) The Opportunity SA Utilities/ African Energy Foundations (AEF) as well as SUPER ENERGY has a clear and transparent Intention to put in place, the nucleus of any Commercial and economic development anywhere in the world, Namely affordable, clean and sustainable electricity supply technology. Given the latest summit on world pollution and clean energy in France, we know we have the proprietary technology that would put this alliance ahead of the rest of the world. Africa as a continent is a water scarce and energy ...

ID 113100: Earth Expo 2016
North Riding, Gauteng
Earth Expo 2016 is a lifestyle event to take people through their day in a realistic environment to make better choices, more sustainable choices and support the brands that are making a concerted effort toward climate change. Our show is unique going away from the white walled shell scheme corridors, we are setting up a house, our participants will construct the house with their products and services. We address 5 main categories in the areas with workshops; Food, Beverage & Nutrition, Fashion & Beauty, Interior Design, Decor & Garden, Building, Technology. Our participation fees start at only R2000.00 depending on space requirements and budget, to provide an affordable and ...

Johannesburg, Gauteng
A sincere response is required for the Partnership or Investor for an extremely highly demanded range of products that is in serious demand in South Africa (Nationwide). The Products have been developed and manufactured under South African specifications for our company. You do not need to be technical as the products can be sold as D.I.Y. I am looking for genuine interest and not fly by night people trying to make a quick buck. This opportunity has the potential to become enormous. Your email response will be welcome whereby we will discuss this opportunity further. Email [email protected]

Port Nolloth, Northern Cape
The establishment of a Retirement Commune in a safe and healthy Northern Cape settlement. The buildings is already in place and requires upgrades to facilitate retirees. The buildings was used as a mine hostel,32 rooms with build-in closets. We need to upgrade the facility by adding bathrooms in each of the rooms, developing the kitchen and recreation areas. We aim to equip the development with alternative energy sources and develop a program of self sustainability, giving the retirees something to do. Rooms will be sold between R400000.00 and R600000.00. Turnover of more than R12000000 will be created . These rooms is sold with a life right, so its theirs til they die and ...

Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
“As the densification of South Africa's inner cities continues, urban regeneration has become imperative. With as much as 20% to 30% of an individual's income being spent on transport costs, the demand for housing in the inner cities remains large and deep. " “In the inner cities, there are already existing transport routes, unused infrastructure and water articulation resources. The need for well located housing that integrates communities and is in close proximity to places of work, education, health, social and other amenities is becoming extremely popular and the inner cities can fulfill these requirements.” .......Paul Jackson – CEO of Trust for Urban Housing Finance ...

Overberg, Western Cape
This project focuses on a high technology product in development that will have applications in the agriculture, industrial and mining industry. One of the main benefits will be waste water management without introducing more chemicals. This may compliment the growing alternative energy market and can be use as an extension for a complete Green solution. The product is designed so to make use of a new concept of how products can be deployed that will have the potential to revolutionize agricultural and other industries, once customers experience measurable benefits. Much time and finances were already invested in this project over a period of two years and a working demonstration ...

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
With the increasing number of motor vehicles in the world, there is a rapid increase in the amount of scrap tyres. Large quantities of scrap tyres are causing serious environmental issues regarding their disposal. The main reason for this problem is that waste tyres are not biodegradable and can last 100 years or more if proper handling is not carried out. Statistics shown that in 2011, 150 million tons of scrap tires are disposed off worldwide and this number is increasing, yearly. At the present time, there is no perfect approach to recycle scrap tyres. As a result, illegal dumping or open burning can be seen everywhere. Incorrect methods of disposal of scrap tyres can cause ...

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Having travelled extensively throughout Africa over the last 3 years, we were constantly aware of the unattractive appearance of many residential roofs in urban and rural areas. The unattractive appearance in the majority of cases was caused by unsightly installations of Solar Geysers on the roof tops. It was, however, very encouraging that alternative energy was being integrated into mainstream housing projects We have developed the SolarCap as a less costly, more durable and aesthetic alternative. The SolarCap is essentially a solar tank that is visually similar to the traditional ridge and hip cap which is mounted on the apex and hip areas of roofs. Water is fed into the SolarCap via ...

Randburg, Gauteng
US$Us 500000
1) Expanding my current alternative energy supply company and project 2) Require Financial assistance to do Optic Fibre supply and installation project , over 30 Month period

South Africa, Western Cape
US$ 40000
1. Introduction It is the will of the people of South Africa to reduce carbon emissions in the country by up to 30% by 2030. This target was set by President Jacob Zuma in November 2011 during the international COP 17 conference. The global community descended on Durban’s International Convention Centre, and engaged in robust debate and plans that will reverse and mitigate the effects of global warming, that has started to manifest in climate change and related global disasters. Factors influencing the transition to a reduced carbon economy • The introduction of carbon tax that will come into effect by January 2016; • Eskom’s constraints to deliver a continuous supply of ...

ID 99754: Solar Project
Polokwane, Limpopo
The project is all about creating a clean Energy and helping south Africa to over power the lowed shading that whe experiencing as a contry and generate income.The purpose of this is to raise Capital for the development of an alternative energy business that produces electricity from photovoltaic cells while showcasing the expected financials and operations over the next three years. ST Construction and Technology PTY LTD. (“the Company”) is a South African based Private Company that will sell electricity into the power grid from the power produced from its photovoltaic cell structures. The Company was founded by Tshepo Maponya As the prices of traditional fuels has skyrocketed (oil, ...

JHB/Pretoria, Gauteng
The solar energy industry is the fastest growing industry in the world, but it is more than a business it’s a cause, every solution installed that reduces CO² is a win against global warming. It has been said that the solar industry, together with green initiatives will be the largest industry of the modern day. With global warming becoming more understood and accepted in the minds of the average person, businesses are being forced to change their ways to suit the impending legislation surrounding global warming. South Africa has amongst other countries, the highest amount of sunshine days annually and it makes sense that solar initiatives are growing. One solar francise's sales ...