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Investor Contacts South Africa
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BEE Partners South Africa

Black Economic Empowerment Partner Opportunities
We provide free access to BEE partner opportunities.
If you are looking for a BEE partner or if you want to be a BEE partner, you can create a listing here.
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ID 127670

Bee Opportunity

Cape Town, Western Cape
10 years experience as Project Engineer in construction projects for petrochemical industry.

To join a company which is looking to improve its BEE standing in the Engineering and/or Energy sector.

ID 127647

Bbbee Investment

Centurion, Gauteng
BBBEE Built Environment registered professional (RICS, ASAQS, SACQSP, IODSA) with 16 years experience with a Large national contractor and Built environment consultancy firm, currently a Director of a Multi-disciplinary national consultancy, investment capital available

Open to all opportunities

ID 127499

Bbbee Opportunities For Black Women

Gauteng, Gauteng
We are looking for companies looking into women bee partnerships.

Investing opportunities BEE partnerships opportunities for black women owned company.

ID 127494

Chemical Water Treatment Bbbee Opportunities

Germiston, Gauteng
I am an experienced chemical water treatment supplier, owner of chemical consultancy and projects company based in Johannesburg.I have more than 15 years in industrial water treatment experience, with vast working contacts in the municipal, power generating automotive sectors and many more sectors. Qualified Chemical Consultant, Industrial Chemistry.

Looking for a company to partner with,my company is a level 1 bbbee status company. Any company in chemical or engineering sector is welcome or any company that wants to comply with bbbee rating is welcome, I can be a silent partner, but preferably to be involved in the day to day running of operation and projects.

ID 127230

Bbbee Female Partner With Technical Background Wanted

Cape Town, Southern Suburbs, Western Cape
IT company specializing in wholesale services to resellers, corporates and government. We also develop opensource software products and provide SLA's on a number of software packages.

Looking for a BEE partner, preferably black female who has a background in software development, very strong technical knowledge (preferably a degree in computer science) and willing to put in the work and time to be majority owner. No capital required.

ID 126826

Bee Partner (S) Wanted For Pipe, Flange, Manufacturing And Inspection Company

South Africa
R0 - R5,000,000
MICON NDE provides a total service for the supply of pipes, fittings, flanges and inspection services to end users, contractors, OEM’s and distributors. MICON NDE offers a wide range of Non Destructive Testing methods including Inspection services. YOUR SPECIALIST SUPPLIER TO THE PETROCHEMICAL, POWER AND INDUSTRIAL GASES INDUSTRIES. Micon Non Destructive Examination cc known as Micon NDE is a Gauteng based supply company ...

ID 126371

Engineering Consulting Bbbee Partner Available

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Engineering consulting We are a level 1 bbbee. We have contracts.

Strategic partner. Need a partner looking for a BBBEE partner. Require additional human capacity to assist us with contracts on JV basis.. Capital required is for strengthening capacity in our team and add equipment and softwares.

ID 126335

Existing Print Business Requires Bee Partner To Facilitate Expansion

Cape Town, Western Cape
We are a franchise of an international print organisation, and have been open in Cape Town for 18 months. In need of additional capital we are looking to invite an investor to assist. Structure is flexible, both in terms of participation and longer term strategy.

ID 126308

Bee Partner For Established Commercial Bakery

Pinetown, KwaZulu-Natal
Existing commercial bakery located in Pinetown KZN Owned by existing owners since May 2008. 3 members,2 of which are active in day to day running of the business,1 member is non active. Turnover of under R 10 mil in 1st trading year 2008-2009. Business has a current annual turnover of R 30 mil exclusive of vat. Current clients are Spar,Shoprite, Walmart, majority of Catering companies in kzn are some to mention.

A bee partner to help set up a new facility with automation,to only manufacture in kzn. Take the product to Gauteng and Eastern cape through retail distribution centres,or deliver through distributors. R 6-10 million investment which includes premises as well as automated set up.

ID 126010

Looking For A Bee Partner Or Joint Venture Opportunities

Durban, KwaZulu-Natal
We are a 100% female owned business and currently looking for a BEE partner or Joint Venture opportunities. Emakheni is 3.5 years in the industry and are seeking opportunities to acquire skills, grow and expand while adding value to our Partners and the Clients that we are serving. Let me know if there are any companies, seeking for such opportunities.

A white Company seeking for BEE partnership

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