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Investor Contacts South Africa
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Contracts Available

Randburg, Gauteng
I have a client (Construction Company) who have their RDP contract put on hold and can only be released to them once a confirmation for Proof of Funding or partners bank balance has been provided to the Department. Needed are serious investors that qualify with the mentioned requirements to venture into an agreement with my client. NB:- At this stage no MONEY is required.

South Africa
R1,000,000 - R25,000,000
Contract is available for R500mil. Investor required with a bank balance of at least R6 million for the project to start off. You don't give us any money. No chancers, seriouis people only.

Delmas, Mpumalanga
We are a logistics/marketing company, however, we do not own trucks and we have available business opportunity for a person or company that has 34 tons side tippers readily avaible. Please note, we need owners, not third parties, and the trucks must not be currenlty contracted or doing other jobs. Kindly email us, alternative email [email protected]

Johannesburg, Gauteng
An exciting opportunity for tipper trucks from 10 cube to 20 cube (strictly rigids) is available at a very reasonable rate. I have a flat contract with the mother company to transport hot, and expensive asphalt nationally. Payment is guarantee, payment guarantee is available. Please contact me for more information

Riversdal, Western Cape
Dear Investor, I would like to buy 2 Flat Deck Interlinks and 2 Scania 500 Truck-Tractor. I have a contract available for - Hides and Skins for a period of 5 years, return loads are also available, in the Free state area. I also have a list of other contacts with available transport work. Please contact me for more details.

South Africa
R0 - More than R500,000,000
I HAVE TRUCKS FROM 1/2 Ton to Lowbeds (Abnormal trucks)to do loads for your around south Africa and cross borders with affordable prices, we are 100%BWO COMPANY. You can contacts Tshepang 074 827 3499 or 082 380 2556

Johannesburg And Nelspruit, Gauteng
I just secured a 5 year transport contract to transport timber, steel, cement, bricks, minerals & containers between Johannesburg and Nelspruit. Truck combination required is 6X4 truck tractor with superlink combination. estimated income is from R236000.00 per month. 072 683 9771

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Start up transport and logistics business 1 x contract available to transport grain maize to chipata zambia from johannesburg south africa looking for trucks to rent/lease to reduce operating costs will also consider additional contracts to provide higher return on investment from principals and other contract holders for sub-contracting and partnership