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Investor Contacts South Africa
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Contracts Wanted

South Africa
R10,000 - R50,000
Alberton, Gauteng R400 I have a 10 cubic meter tipper truck available for short and long term contracts around Gauteng, Limpopo,Free State and Mpumalanga. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote. tel no: 076 345 5482 ; 078 711 4696 ; 083 301 3809

Johannesburg, Gauteng
We’re looking to expand our stylish and African-print clothing designs by entering into a contractual business relationship with small and medium organizations or businesses that would require special clothing for special occasions/events. Wedding gowns, bridesmaid & grooms dresses. We designs all sort of styles with colorful fabrics imported into the country. Traditional attires for men and woman. We work closely with reputable individuals who represent their organizations and wish to expand our exclusive clothing design service to reach all. Please feel free to contact us or come through to our office to review our remarkable work.

Johannesburg, Gauteng
We are currently searching for a partner who can assist us in attaining mining consumables supply contracts. We have already secured a few suppliers of the products, we are busy completing our compliance obligations but are in need of a supply contract ASAP. If you are interested then please feel free to send a message.

South Africa
R0 - R50,000
We are looking to establish a contractual business relationship with a company that requires courier small parcel/goods transportation. We are a start-up company with a brand new NP300 bakkie and hope to grow our logistics business to more vehicles as business demand grows. Contact us on 0633275999 to secure our exclusive service.

South Africa
R50,000 - R1,000,000
Good Day am looking for a direct contract for our 10 side tippers. all trucks are well serviced and ready to start working.

Witbank, Mpumalanga
We have a guaranteed contract with a reputable mining company to transport coal in a 40km radius. 30000 tons per month on a 5 year contract. We are looking to partner with either an existing logistics company or a private investor. For all those companies who have contacted us and to whom we have not yet responded, we will respond to every company but we have been inundated with requests and are busy trying to respond to each one. Please bear with us and we will get back to you.

Pretoria, Gauteng
Hello We are a manufacturer of Steel window frames/ door frames / palisades / posts. We are looking for a contract for RDP Houses as well as private projects.

South Africa
R50,000 - R500,000
Im a developing investor, my Company is still new and has new fresh trucks with 0 Milage, i want a contract for transportation.

Pretoria, Gauteng
I have double axe Mercedes Benz Horse and want a contract for it if trailer is needed i will provide.

South Africa
R25,000,000 - R500,000,000
I am looking for direct contract 34 ton trucks I have 20 brand new 34 ton superlink trucks so what I need is contract