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ID 103247

120 Hectors Of Land For Sale That We Can Build Executive Houses Or Town Houses Morethan 1500 And A Garage Because Its Next To Main Road

Posted By Principal (Date of Submission: 09/10/2014)
Ronderbuilt Farms, Gauteng, South Africa

The land was a farm before and its selling for R19 000 000 and has a capacity to build 1500 houses or have two estates and a garage for filling station as it runs alongside the two busy roads barrymaris and old old heilderburg road. it has a capability of even hosting a big shopping Centre too. choices are plenty but my core idea was to build cluster houses and sub divide the place into three portions. one side for executive property as an estate and the second phase the town houses and the last one the normally affordable cluster houses for the up coming young people then at the corner an entertainment section that would also encompass the filling station.

we have a Varity of ideas that we can throw around and infrastructures like water pipes are already in place. we can brain storm on whether we can go for a shopping Centre or anything else.
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Boksburg, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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