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ID 122849

Amusement Park Project

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 11/22/2016)
Klerksdorp, North West, South Africa

The Start-Up Investor/Secure Partners:
Consdered the stary-up funding partners. They
may or may not be part of the company's
management team but are the voting and
percentage controlling partners. Their
investment will be escrowed and secured until
the company has secured funding for the entire
project. There is no risk of loss that is
associated with these investors. (Invests fixed
amount of R6,400,000.00)
Reason for seeking investors is for an
amusment park idea that has an advantage in a
province where there is no place like Gold Reef
City or Rand Show. This idea is an monopoly and
will generate +-R 95 million worth of gross
sales in the first year of operations. More info
is provided with the contact details below and
to any investor who wishes to invest I would
like to say, dont miss out on this because its
an great business idea and an monopoly.
For more info please contact Terrence on:
072 994 3878
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(Engineering Firm)
Klerksdorp, North West
South Africa South Africa
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