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Asphalt Manufacturing And Road Rehabilitation

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 11/01/2016)
Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa

Tswelopele supply and manufacturer product, Historically, the asphalt industry has been dogged by poor quality asphalt, mainly coming from small manufacturers, resulting in early failures such as potholes. The Company’s aim is to supply asphalt that is of the highest quality that meets SANRAL’s (“SANRAL”) specifications (which exceed SABS standards). To accomplish this, each asphalt plant will have a laboratory on site to ensure that the various mixes comply with specification.
Our comparative advantage; experience, technical expertise, uncompromising commitment to quality and meeting client’s needs within the prescribed period put us in line with the best in the industry. This comes from our mission and objectives which are to provide sustainable, cost effective, safe and reliable products and services to our clients. This achieved by focusing on our core products and services of supplying hot and warm mix asphalt and various forms of road paving and related products from our three primary locations of Johannesburg, kwaZulu-natal and Eastern Cape. Tswelopele aims to use the best available technology and machinery that it has access to
The cash flow projections show that the company will be able to repay the funding within a minimum of 5 years to max of 6 years. TAS is able to manage their cash flows more efficiently and to procure services and products from a wider range of emerging contractors and suppliers.

We has examined the business from all aspects, done its due diligence, evaluated its market and customers, developed a sound marketing plan and ensured that any funding that it obtains is repayable in an acceptable time frame. All our calculation we have done we used the lowest income expected to prove that all funding we obtain is payable.

The company is entering a market that has a sustainable growth pattern for the foreseeable future, and is beneficial to the country as a whole. “Take a look at our profile on page 9 to 10 from number 4 there is a figures from 1 to figure 2 show clear that the asphalt industry will, on a national level, continue to be sustainable for at least the next 20 years” If you invest on us your money will be paid back and investing on us it not that you help TAS only but you will be helping also the unemployed African youth
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(Construction Company)
Gauteng, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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