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ID 123192

Auto Specialist Company

(Date of Submission: 12/11/2016)
Tshwane, Gauteng, South Africa

I have a auto specialist company which is a local auto repair centre striving for perfection ,excellence and satisfaction by attaining to providing exceptional service of satisfaction. Our goal is to provide quality repairs both mechanically and auto body work. The company was founded in 2007 where it started as a local backyard auto mechanics, auto body repairer from rebuilds bought from auctions outlets and local residents. Passion in auto auto mechanics, auto rebuilds, auto restoration and trimming grew and drove me from only repairing my collection only to local interested customers as they appreciated the workmanship on my collection. Through a growing satisfaction and demand for workmanship, A company was registered in 2013 called Rj evolution auto specialist. Services provided from this backyard business are; roadside assistance,towing, mechanics, auto diagnosis, auto body repairs, auto rebuilds & trimming

I want an investor to fund my business to move from backyard to a professional business at a business premises. I need a financial investor for my business to obtain a towing rollback truck and a business site. There is a real growing prospect of this kind of business around my area of operation. By obtaining the above mentioned the business will be able to network with government departments, insurance companies and private business around. Automotive demand is has grown and so is the demand for professional auto specialist in local area.
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Tshwane, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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