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ID 121878

Bee Partner Needed For General Trading Company

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 10/18/2016)
Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa

Good Day

I am Looking for a BEE Partner as I own a Company that is 100% Black Youth Owned and is a General Trading, all the paper work is up to date such as Tax Clearance with this pin number B35B76227M To be used to Verify with SARS.

My aim is to better myself and also see growth in your investment and we shall gradually grow as I mentioned earlier, my Company is unrestricted in trading and I am a trustworthy person and wanting to make a difference in South Africa, one employee at a time.

I can be contacted at 0834854863

I hope and trust that you shall communicate with me soonest, Thanking you in anticipation.
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Bloemfontein, Free State
South Africa South Africa
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