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Buy An Entire Proclaimed City To Develop In Limpopo

(Bumped up on 03/18/2016)
Vicinity Of Ellisras (lephalale) And Steenbokpan, Limpopo, South Africa
R100,000,000 - R500,000,000

Potentially billions of rand profit await the property investor and developer in South Africa’s latest growth area, as explained hereunder. It is general knowledge that the development of the immense coal fields and coal reserves in the western part of Limpopo in the vicinity of Ellisras (Lephalale) and Steenbokpan, is presently a national and provincial growth priority.

The economic driver for this area is its virtually unlimited coal reserves, and the area is earmarked to become one of South Africa’s major power generating and industrial areas. Government is, therefore, investing billions in upgrading and creating infrastructure in the area.

A limiting factor for the area at the moment, is the scarcity of proclaimed land to develop to absorb the expected influx of large numbers of skilled and other workers for the mines and power stations, and supporting industries and businesses. This is mainly as a result of Government’s policy on the protection of agricultural land, with virtually no rezoning or subdividing of any agricultural land being allowed and approved at present.
Fortunately one track of land right in the heart of the development area has been approved and proclaimed before the stricter regulations came into place, and that is the property that is now for sale, with full rights - presently the only, and possibly one of the last sites for residential and commercial development available in the area.

A summary of the relevant figures of the property under discussion are listed below:
Purchase price of 2233 ha land with all rights included: R178 000 000
Expected price to install infrastructure: R374 000 000
Expected income from sale of 12451 residential and business stands: R3,1 billion
Expected profit: R2,6 billion

Phase one of the development has been finally approved and construction can virtually start immediately.

H L van Niekerk
CEO: Master Properties
Cell. No 082 300 5974
e-mail: *
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(Real Estate Agency)
Naboomspruit, Limpopo
South Africa South Africa
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