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ID 122828

Expansion Of Existing Clinic

Posted By Principal (Date of Submission: 11/21/2016)
Zeerust Town, North West, South Africa

I need investor /business partner to assist in the expansion and refurbishment of existing clinic
that boast of established patients clientele in the developing zeerust town.The patients are from all over Northwest province,Nothern cape province up to upington,Botswana up to Maung and Namibia.
zeerust population has diversity:consisting whites,Indians,majority Black community.
It has many residencecoming from offshore namely:pakinstan,Namibia,Angola,China,Zimbabwe,and many from other South African provides because of the border posts,immigration,SARS,Tourism,and other employments areas.
The clinic will provide for all communities.It will give services to all specialities including Maternity with Obstetricsand gynae with paediatric child clinic.
we give services to average of 50 patients daily.
the model of the Clinic will be a Family clinic,with physicians,surgeons,and fully fledged Imaging department for Radiologist specialists.physiotherapy,occupational,dental,rehabilation center and psychiatric services will be available. Lancet laboratory has been secured to provide for test tests.The amount to complete phase 2 clinic is 1
5million zar.The investor will decide
and negotiate the Term and condition and period term of his involvent.all options will be tabled *
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Zeerust, Northwest
South Africa South Africa
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