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Fresh, Healthy And Innovative Approach To Drink©

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 06/10/2014)
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

For the past six months i have been working with a panel of experts namely, Marketing Analysts, Industrial Designers and Manufacturing professionals to develop a new innovative brand with a fresh and forward thinking approach to various types of water and its packaging. Our Brand Ambassadors (signed up already) are professional and well known sports people in our country.

To understand the soft drink industry, the beverage industry must be known as a whole. For the past years, the beverage industry has been faced with new opportunities and challenges. Changing consumer demands and preferences require new ways of maintaining current customers and attracting new ones. With an ever-growing
competition, beverage companies intensely court customers in offering high-quality products, efficiently distribute them, ensure safety, keep prices low and launch new products In an ever-changing environment where the demand and the offer is constantly changing the beverage industry is extremely competitive, with private labels
greatly influencing the environment. A few global beverage giants (Coca-Cola, Pespsi) produce many brands, but those brands fall into self-contained categories as well.

In order to be sustainable in such an environment, companies multiply markets studies in order to come with the latest soft drink and be at the forefront of the product innovation. This help soft drink companies to understand the
challenges they will encounter and to turn them into opportunities for process improvement, enhanced flexibility and, ultimately, greater profitability.

At Drink© we aim to be innovative and forward thinking with a disruptive pricing model which will benefit both the company and positively contribute to our social responsibility strategy.

Timeframes: We would like to launch in September 2014.
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Cape Town, Western Province
South Africa South Africa
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