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(Date of Submission: 11/19/2016)
Brits, North West, South Africa

I have a construction company which is currently active in business. My company name is KEC and we are currently in the business of building Guest houses and general building work.

We are rendering our services all around South Africa and we want to see KEC as one of the companies listed in the JSE in the future. To archive all this we require a helping hand which might lead us financially as we have future plan in the manufacturing. What we want to manufacture has a consumer demand as far as being in the construction business has proven to us. The product we want to manufacture is GAMAZIN which can used for any company, any households or any institute.

Our Aim is not just to manufacture but also to provide service, training and maintenance of GAMAZIN products with different ranges. And also we aimed at exporting this products to other parts of the world like Saudi Arabia and India where it is needed most.

Our goal is to be the lead in wall designing

I want to give this opportunity to all Investors globally to support my idea of making business. The GAMAZIN is highly recommended as a replacement for paint with 20 maintenance free. Every property would easily opt to GAMAZIN for its long term maintenance free. Its a product that can be applied to dry walls, new plastering and existing plaster. and it can be painted.

I am looking for investors that can make this Idea real for the success of my company KEC.
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(Construction Company)
Brits, North West
South Africa South Africa
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