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Investor Contacts South Africa
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ID 106107

Glass Aluminium Service

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 11/27/2014)
Tshwane /pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

The project is about supplying and fitting of glass and aluminium products in the building and construction industry.we can also do photo framing, cell mirrors, glass frosting and glass sandblasting.we also have customers who come to buy car mirrors.the company is currently marketed under cashbuild brand but we are independent private contracters. the company also operate from home.the partner's benefits are through funding and nominating an accountant in running and managing the finance of the business. appointing a training team to empower employees to be more productive and reduce waste. the partner can benefit also by signing an agreement of performance and declaration with the present owner of the business to confirm that the enterprise will be administered and managed successful and professional.when resources and materials are to be purchased the investor should also approve those requisitions before any transactions are made. the investor should put their trust in me as i know and have worked in the industry for a period of twelve plus years that i will do my best and use my abilities to keep the enterprise growing as i want to be the trusted reliable supplier of glass and aluminium service in the construction industry. the investor will benefit by allowing me to supplement the business with other related services to boost the cash flow and build assets for the company and allowing workers to share responsibility in the company and awarding them with a certain percentage of shares for work well done will help boost the growth of the company and return on investment.we can work together for the period of five years
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Pretoria/ Tshwane, Sadc Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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