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ID 119246

Government Contracts: Secretarial, Administration And Taxation Duties

(Date of Submission: 07/28/2016)
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

We have been contracted by the Limpopo, Northwest, Gauteng and Eastern Cape Government to conduct secretarial, administration and taxation duties for all of its respective Councillor which is excess of 3000 individuals, in which we have to submit log sheets to claim travel expenses, prepare expenses claims against their allowances that they receive as holders of public office etc.

This work being in excess of our current workload which therefore created the need to provide share sales for expansion of the business.

As such we need to employ additional staff, acquire a new computer network, hardware and software, and move into a bigger office.

The business has been in existence since 2008 and currently employ 6 people all of whom with the exception of the MD (a CA) being BBB-EE.

Additional staff have been identified and would be commencing duty on the 01st August 2016.

Turnover for preceding years being:

2008 – R 552 359; 2009 – R 606 061; 2010 – R 697 802; 2011 – R 759 960; 2012 – R 1 026 000; 2013 – R 1 176 000; 2014 – R 1 456 000; 2015 – R 1 765 230 and management accounts so far for 2016 already reflects turnover as R 836 750.00

Biggest expense in the business being salaries and wages as all staff have to be experienced qualified accountants and preferable whom can be registered as Tax Practitioners as well.

Net profit after tax 2014 - R 220 047; 2015 – R 324 567.

Investment share sale would be 10 exclusive shares on which a dividend of at least 15% per annum is guaranteed with the selling price per share as R 75 000 which dividend would therefore be R 11 250.

Share sales are not limited and any individual can purchase the full quota of 10 shares at a discounted R 600 000.

Should you require any additional information please feel free to visit our website: www.jaydeefinsec.co.za.

Genuine investors in share sale offer
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(Accounting Firm)
Johannesburg, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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