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ID 122409

Growth Capital For Food Packaging Distribution Company

(Date of Submission: 11/05/2016)
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

We are a food packaging distribution company situated in Somerset West Cape Town. Together with my wife, we started this business 5 years ago and have grown ever since. With a great demand in our ever growing wide variety of food packaging, we are forced to increase our packaging lines and stock availability.We have also recently opened a second shop aimed at walk in clients whom can buy smaller quantities from our warehouse shelves. My wife currently runs that side and I am running the distribution for delivery clients.We are also in the process of starting an online food packaging store where customers all over South Africa can purchase from us. Our average turnover p.a. is 7.2 million and our vision is to double that in the new year to come with help in capital investment.

We are seeking 1 R500,000 in exchange for 10% equity share in our business.
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(Distribution Company)
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa
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