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ID 123012

In Contact Alarm Device For Cars

(Date of Submission: 11/30/2016)
Joubertina, Eastern Cape, South Africa

I have made a in contact alarm device for cars. This was originally for cars but this is working for every property you wish to be in contact with 24/7 at no cost.

The device CALL you directly if triggered. This will gave every user peace of mind when thay not with there property. It will gave everyone the advantage in time if anyone trespassing there property , because the device call you in seconds.
These days, your normal alarm is only good if you can hear it yourself because people don't gave alarm noice a second look if it does not belong to themselfs. This device will call you directly in seconds.

I want a investor that will invest R350 000. This device can be build by a manufacturer in Cape Town and can retail for less than R1000 per unit with a 100% profit markup. This is what every one was waiting for at the best price.
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Joubertina, Eastern Cape
South Africa South Africa
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