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ID 119415

Industrial Plot For Sale In Ga-Rankuwa

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 08/02/2016)
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

Industrial plot for sale.

Current zoning: Industrial 1

plot 1 size : 2109 Sqm


Storage facilities
Car Wash
Commercial Use
Light Industry
Parking Garage

subject to Schedule 10 Parking Site subject to Schedule 10

These plot can be rezoned to residential as approved by Municipality of Tshwane in case of erecting student accommodation, affordable housing or commune living structures.

Garankuwa is quite vast, with lots of business opportunities, esp property.

Please find the following information about the area in case of interest;

Two major University Campuses are located in Ga-Rankuwa. A University of Limpopo campus is located in Ga-Rankuwa, it was formerly known as the Medical University of South Africa. The Tshwane University of Technology has a campus located in Ga-Rankuwa. The campus was formerly known as Setlogelo and was renamed after merging with the former Pretoria Technikon and Technikon Northern Gauteng (TNG).

Ga-Rankuwa has the second largest hospital in Africa, Dr George Mukhari Hospital (formerly known as Ga-Rankuwa Hospital). The public hospital serves as a teaching hospital as it shares its facilities with the University of Limpopo Ga-Rankuwa campus (formerly known as the Medical University of South Africa), which produces the largest number of new medical doctors in South Africa.

Ga-Rankuwa has a nursing college, hotel school and other educational institutions.

It has a massive industrial sites. e.g South African Breweries, Shatterprufe and the likes.

Ga-Rankuwa to Rosslyn - 18 min (13,3 km) via R566

Ga-Rankuwa to Brits - 36 min (25,3 km) via Kgware Rd/Lucas Mangope Dr/M21

Ga-Rankuwa to Hartebeestpoort - 33 min (27,8 km) via R513

Ga-Rankuwa to Morula Sun Casino - 14 min (9,9 km) via Kgware Rd/Lucas Mangope Dr/M21

Ga-Rankuwa to Sun city - 1 h 32 min (120,4 km) via R556

Selling price negotiable
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(Project Development Company)
Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa South Africa
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