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Innovative Foundation-Less Construction (Housing Development)

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 01/09/2017)
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

The Design and Patented construction method of our housing design and concept behind it came from the Concrete Culvert. The opportunity has been presenting itself for many years to be able to find a solution that gives the same outcome or better of that, of the current construction method widely used in South Africa of Brick and mortar, to have something that has minimal maintenance, speeds up construction and creating much more sufficient and cleaner building sites.

Concrete Culverts are manufactured on a large scale each to be able to withstand heavy loads and water flow, each element comprises a horizontal web and two vertical flanges. They are used in a side by side placement in the direction of the water flow and the webs of the culverts constitute the part of the road which crosses the water.

We then saw different potential to these elements and with that changing the orientation of these units of sufficient size it can constitute to readily available building elements that present a FOUNDATION, WALL and ROOF at the same time when placed into position being cost effective and speeding up the construction process.

Our standard 55m2 unit used for marketing purposes would take 7 days for construction (Assembly) on site. our semi-detached units of 85m2 each combined at 170m2 from "foundation" to roof would be in 3 days for the main structure to be assembled.

Costing wise the selling price per square meter on the 55m2 unit is R7818.00. It has been calculated that the larger the house the lower the price per square meter.

By combining all this, different sized free standing buildings with a modern look and finish can be constructed that gives great quality of very high strength. Housing sizes are not limited by this construction. The construction also holds much possibilities in the sense the main building blocks used are heat and fire resistant, the units are not affected by the shifting or movement of the ground surface as the building method is not fixed to the ground as the standard methods.

All components that are fitted into every house that would be built is prefabricated and installed on site, the assembly (construction) of each house would be as a plug and play system.

Each house design is designed to be electrically self-sustainable via the use of solar panels and a wind turbine, the options are available for the use of a septic tank systems that would give the opportunity of a water recycling system as brown water for the water of the garden.

Each unit is fitted with 2 water reservoir tanks made from concrete pipes, one for drinking water and the other for the use of shower, kitchen use and bathroom use.

Time frame required would be in the area of 6 - 12 months for 100% effectiveness in the development industry. The investor would be able to have a percentage of the company or be able to have a dive-dent percentage on a yearly basis would it be once or twice a year depending on the final company structure would we decide on declaring dive-dent twice a year on the financial review.

For information on Block Housing our Facebook and twitter page contains designs and more information.

We require the funding to be able to construct a show-house on a property to be able to give the final result in the working and active environment for public viewing and marketing purposes as the feedback received has been huge, people need to be able to see and feel the end result. This would also result in the potential to widen our marketing area and also mediums used for marketing.

We also need to finalise our registration with the NHBRC so that we can start with the developments lined up once all has been done.
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(Construction Company)
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa
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