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Largest Online Scrapyard In South Africa

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 12/28/2016)
Heidelberg, Gauteng, South Africa

Global Parts Online PTY Ltd. vision is to become the biggest online scrapyard / used part dealer in the southern hemisphere. Our walk in yard is established and well known through out the region. Our online sales department have grown in leaps and bounds with more than 500000 hits on our website monthly and more than 5000 unique visitors visiting our website every month. We supply parts all over South Africa and our neighbouring countries.

We aim to take the lions share of the online car part market. We already supply to well known panel shops, rebuilders and private buyers on a daily basis. We have contracts with ongoing suppliers in place and have a huge offering of parts. With 5000 parts already listed on our website we get a huge amount of requests.

We have grown our stock on hand by ten fold in the last year and aim to double our current stock on hand in 2017. We have moved the website from a shared server to a dedicated server and made it safe for our online buyers by adding an SSL certificate. Our turnover is increasing on a monthly basis and we can supply all figures for due diligence.

We will become the largest online scrapyard in the southern hemisphere in the next year, as what we do is unique and we offer and all round service. There is plans to make a dedicated parts request website in the near future and also expand our actual cars for breaking. We also intend to offer a fully fledxed wheel and tyre service as this is in high demand in the prime address that we occupy at the moment. We aim to double our stock on hand and thus increase revenue accordingly.
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Heidelberg, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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