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ID 91811

On-Line Sports Equipment Website

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 11/16/2013)
Wynberg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
US$ 100,000.00

The website was registered in 2008, at the time it was envisaged to sell officially licensed sports franchises merchandise such as the Blue Bulls, Golden Lions as well as Springboks and other major sports franchises in South Africa. The products would be items such as the official team jerseys, caps, flags and other accessories.
As the overall business has evolved through the last few years and the financial crisis we have extended the offering into sports equipment such as soccer kits and boots, rugby equipment, netball kits, basketball and many other new sports - we add categories virtually on a weekly basis as we identify good suppliers and manufacturers. We have just recently confirmed our first import order which includes soccer kits, soccer balls and cricket balls. We are very excited about the prospects for on-line shopping in South Africa and our neighbouring counties.
In addition to the on-line sports site the business has the largest vending operation in South Africa which provides opportunities to black business operators, these would be vendors that one would encounter at the major sports stadiums around South Africa.
This market is quite mature and is limited to events that take place throughout the year such as Super Rugby, Currie Cup and home Springbok fixtures, we have representation at all of these events through our established vendor network.
Where we see and have experienced true growth opportunity for our business is in the on-line space, we have relied on Google Ads and social media to date to build the ranking and stature of the on-line business. Over the past two years we have changed the back-end of the system twice and lost a full year in 2011 due to selecting the wrong service provider. We then returned to our previous service provider in terms of web development and the site has recovered and grown form strength to strength.
The business is now poised for growth and we are seeking the right investor to help take the business and the website to the Number One sports shopping site on the continent. We have explored many other avenues such as traditional retail and have decided that for now we would not be pursuing that route due to large competition and significant investment in infrastructure, stock and staff. We believe that through smart investment in qualified IT personnel with talents in website building and back-end knowledge we can take SA Sports Gear to the next level and a recognised brand for corporates, schools and clubs.
In addition to the sports merchandise and sports equipment, we now offer fully customised sportswear for athletics, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, rugby and many other sports codes where sponsor branding, team logo's etc. are all incorporated into fully sublimated team kits.
The ideal investor would either be an angel investor who is looking to invest in an exciting up and coming business that requires funding to invest in key personnel and technology, or alternatively a qualified and highly skilled IT specialist in website development with the requisite HTML and other programming experience who is able to contribute in building the website and working on it's continuous innovative and world leading ability to be the best site as explained earlier.
For more details please contact:
Mark Kane
SA Sports Gear
Tel: +27 (0)11 887 9495
Mobile: +27 (0)83 387 2225
E-mail: *
Website: www.sasportsgear.com
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Wynberg, Gauteng
South Africa South Africa
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