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ID 123391

Online Digital Marketing

Posted By Owner / Shareholder (Date of Submission: 12/25/2016)
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa

To build an online digital marketing entity on web / page /blog. Most of the content to attract viewership have been compiled. All is based on people , their experiences and life styles. To stimulate debate on very topical issues. To put across topics in a hard and low manner and bring readers to a common understanding using authoritative sources. The target viewers in 6 months to be 10million viewers per month there after.

The same content will be eventually collated into an eBook, make TV talk show series , soap and movie.

All ways of making the site profitable will be reviewed from time to time.

The initial capital is for web designing , laptop and for proof reading.

The deal will be in exchange of equity or advertising space for the investor.
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Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
South Africa South Africa
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