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ID 122309

Opportunity In The Spinning And Drifting Category Of The Motor Industry

(Date of Submission: 11/02/2016)
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

Hi good day, I do have a good business idea, in the motor industry, spinning and drifting category, because, It seems, no one, is realizing, that currently ,it is, one of the fastest, growing sport, in South Africa. I am very enthusiastic, energetic, and very, good, business skills, and also, a dedicated team, willing to go, the extra mile, to make this work, because they also belong to the spinning community.

I`m looking for investor, to INVEST IN MY IDEA. I did enough research, and I also do have, the players, in cape town, to make this work, because, that, is all, they want to do(24/7) is, having an place, where, they could practice, their sport. Currently, the most of them(players),is in other provinces, because, here(Cape town),is no facilities,like that, to hold events, conferences, award ceremonies ext. for this particular sport. I also, did find out, what else, we going to need, is a farm situated 100km outside Cape town. I do have look at one in Malmesbury, they do have all the necessary facilities on farm, that could be renovated into what we actually going to need. My current competition, Killarney Race Couse, is on their last years, of doing business, after that, their wont be any, other facility, of it`s kind, to provide, the venue for the sport. The people, of the Du Noon, in Killarney, is protesting, to have, Killarney Race Course, to be removed, to a other location, because, they do want, that land, for housing projects. The drivers of Killarney, is asking us, as an Spinning and Drifting organization, when?? are we, going to build, our own track, so that they could come, and support us, and the guys (Cape town drivers)is currently in Johannesburg, Durban, Port-Elizabeth, the whole of South Africa, ext. Currently, our drivers is also in Botswana, Namibia, ext., and even they(other provinces) ask us all, when are we Cape town drivers, is going to invite them, to Cape town, to come and support us, but we cant answer them, because, we don't have, venue`s of that kind. If possible, and we could buy, the farm, in Malmesbury for R6000 000+R1000 000, for renovation on accomadation, toilet outlets, bathroom facilities, garages, ext.,R1000 000 for tar surface+R1000 000 for fencing, safety barriers, ext. The balances of all capital, will be put in where needed. Currently Killarney Race course, is holding, every Wednesday, their "robot to robot" show, to get, the City of Cape town, behind them. They also, is now, giving extra shows, but in past, it was only, one event, every month, that they, held an event, but that is also only racing , but what im talking about is spinning and drifting, and the crowd that they now have with every Wednesday shows is our spinning and drifting crowd, but it is because they also don't have other motor sport to go to, except racing. I n future we also want to include gokart racing for kids and adults. We also looking at mud motor racing. We want to give our clients the choice what they want to watch, but with a variety of motor sport in one venue. The events per week, we looking at Throw-back Thursday`s, Friday night shows, Saturday`s for families, and obvious Sunday shows. Monday`s will be for the drivers, Tuesday`s and Wednesday`s we looking at where the drivers and fans meet, our Driving Skill Academy. Where drivers, do get, the time, to learn, young children, driving skills, and also apprenterships, self development courses ext. For paying back the money, we lookin at the amount of R50 000 per month, and that bring us per year to the amount of R600 000. We,will also host,Annual events, four times,per year, where we,invite all the provinces, and there we looking at R1,3 000 000, per event, profit of R700 000 per event, *4 give us R2 8 00 000, so we will be paying back our depth in three years time,with the amount, of, R3400 000 per year. When we hold annual events bookings for accomadation for other provinces will be open per event. Please I ask you to not share this idea, and please send me a copy of idea sent to you as proof, you not going to share this idea with anyone, please.
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(Sports Facility)
Cape Town, Western Cape
South Africa South Africa
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