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ID 122047

Fully Sponsored Students Available

Hilton, KwaZulu-Natal
Approximately 40 students per year that need to do a feasibility study and farm plan, as part of their final year curriculum.

Opportunities for students to get involved with the real life processes of setting up an enterprise, and possibly future career opportunities. Within the boundaries of the KZN province, the services of the students would be fully sponsored, thus come at very little cost to the "employer".

ID 120597

Md Post For An Entrepreneur

Pretoria, Gauteng
We have a very, very exciting project called "Meals & Dreams" that we are implementing at the moment. It falls totally in line with our "Funds Trough Flying" and "Scholars can Fly" programs. Goal: feed the needy children and give a starting point for a dream of a career in the wonderful world of aviation, EXPOSE them to helicopter & fixed wing flying and give them all relevant aviation career information. We are expanding at ...

Managing Director/Business Partner

ID 113218

Commercial Director Needed For Wildlife Trust

Sandton, Gauteng
Good day I am the chairman of a wildlife trust based in Johannesburg and we are poised to grow nicely. Unfortunately we don't have the money to pay for a fundraiser so we are attracting a fundraiser who can work on risk. The reward is the more funds you raise the more you make as we legally can pay you a percentage. We would love partner with you with a long term view of employing you full time. You would ...

ID 113095

Manufacturing Sign Business In The Platinum Mining Area

Rustenburg, North West
We will be needing 51% Black Ownership in the next year Looking for someone who is business minded, able to communicate at all levels and would like a very lucrative investment with a view to taking over a larger share in time

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