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Investor Contacts South Africa
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Privacy Policy

Last Revised March 25, 2011

InvestorContacts.co.za's highest priority is safeguarding your privacy. Existing users, as well as those who are considering entering into a relationship with us, have an interest in how we handle, and use, your personal information. This document outlines the privacy policy that is in place for the InvestorContacts.co.za website.

Data Collection

When you visit our site, our servers automatically record standard web log information for statistical purposes only. We also collect personal information when you use the InvestorContacts.co.za marketplace.


We may use your information to provide the marketplace services that you request, as well as to analyze our website traffic, customize our website, provide customer service, and to prevent potentially prohibited or illegal activity. We will not sell or rent your personal information to any third parties.


We may disclose personal information within our marketplace in accordance with our user agreement, as well as to law enforcement or other government officials in response to legal requirements.


We use cookies on certain pages within the InvestorContacts.co.za website in order to help track our traffic and to provide customized marketplace services.

We may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we do so, the amended terms will be posted on the InvestorContacts.co.za website. All amended terms automatically take effect the same day they are initially posted at http://InvestorContacts.co.za.
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