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Investor Contacts South Africa
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Resale And Distribution Opportunities
South Africa

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ID 126263

Construction Opportunities

Johannesburg, Gauteng
My company supplies, all construction services,eg; building,roofing and ceiling, painting,plumbing, tiling, plastering and paving,wiring and welding etc.

I want to venture with others to reach out our nation and distribute our ability and knowledge to meet every need and great more jobs

ID 126094

Own Your Own Triple Shine Micro-Franchise Business

Blouberg And Molemole Surroundings, Limpopo
A detergent and toilet paper distribution network of resellers in rural Limpopo. Triple Shine uses an environmentally friendly and innovative approach of empowering Village/Township Detergent Entrepreneurs (youth and women) to establish Affordable Triple Shine micro-franchises distributing refill cleaning detergents. We aim to build a sustainable unemployment solution by providing business-in-a-box solutions to South ...

Resellers / Agents / Franchisees

ID 125531

Distribution / Retail Opportunities Wanted

Randburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng
Retail, distributor

Growth in retail and distribution/reseller

ID 125520

Sole Distribution Rights For London Bakers Biscuits / Confectionery - Partners Wanted

Germiston, Gauteng
Our company has the sole distribution rights for London Bakers Biscuits/confectionery in South Africa. our range of products are varied and suited to all types of budgets.We have already gained entry into various markets including Spar outlets, there is scope for infiltration into other markets and regions.

I want to get into contact with buyers and distributors for my product

ID 124151

Security Company Franchise

Alberton, Gauteng
We are a Security Company offering very high end Steel Security Barriers, Gates and Burglar Bars

People that are interested in Purchasing a Franchise of our company and to help grow our brand out into the market place

ID 122912

Sole Distribution Rights Available For Each African Country

Johannesburg, Gauteng
Seal Tyre-Sealant is a tried and tested product produced in South Africa under licence from the overseas inventor. Seal has the sole and exclusive licence for Africa. Seal has manufactured and installed the product into many of the largest companies fleets in South Africa. We are now looking to appoint Distributors in other African countries. What is Seal? Seal is Propylene Glycol water soluble tyre coolant, that also has ...

ID 121138

Green Cleaning Products

South Africa
I have a range of green cleaning products.

I want clients to buy and resell in their area.

ID 120032

Hyprex Fire Extinguishers

Cape Town, Western Cape
HYPREX Fire extinguishers in 460ml aerosol cans. Worldwide patent, 100% environmentally friendly, very user friendly and many more exquisite features.

National distributors OR Investors for a JV. Excellent return of investment. Unique product with zero competition.

ID 120018

Distributing Embalming Powder Across South Africa +27785180069

Fourways, Gauteng
These are a variety of preservatives, sanitizers,disinfectant agents and additives used in modern embalming to temporarily decay decomposition and restore anatural appearance for viewing a body after death . Amixture of these chemicals is known as embalming fluid ,and is used to preserve deceased individuals (funeral/indefinitely) Typical embalming fluid contains amixture of formaldehyde, glutaraldhyde,ethanol,humectants ...

ID 119056

Medical Ventures And Distributor

South Africa
R0 - More than R500,000,000
I am looking for a medical distributor and client to take on a new drug! The opportunity is great as we are looking at national and abroad distribution. If you are keen contact me. This is competition to Arv drug currently in the market and reels better results.

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